Quiz #1 – 100th Issue Quiz

Negative One Trivia Quiz

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2. What dimensions are close enough to Adele's home dimension to visit DIRECTLY without significant memory loss? (This does NOT include dimensions that would require a stopover in another dimension first.)
3. After the flash had come and gone, Adele got to name a dimension, and came up with the name "Leisheilo." Why did she choose that name?
4. Adele's friend Aleef asks for prophetic assistance in figuring out if a certain guy liked her. What happened?
5. Adele has a pretty big family: Four siblings. Choose the right arrangement:
7. In Ailashuo, how many students is the "traditional" number for a prophecy teacher to take on in theirr lifetime?
8. What did Meri Lin's parents name their two daughters?
9. Long before Amanda was born, Meri Lin was referring to the baby as "she." She did this even before the sonogram determined that it was probably a girl. What is Meri Lin's explanation for how she knew?
10. How much did baby Amanda weigh at birth?
11. Which of the following is NOT an unusual attribute that baby Amanda displays in the comic?
12. What unexplainable event happened FIRST in cluing Meri Lin in that something odd was going on in her baby's room?
13. Not much attention is paid to Meri Lin's or Fred's lives outside of being Amanda's parents, but each has one occupation that requires attention besides being Mom and Dad. What do they do?
14. Meri Lin likes long names, which is why she chose a three-syllable name for Amanda. But what about Amanda's middle name? Choose the right response.
15. Dax is slowly learning to communicate with his new companions, but he still remembers a few words of the language he spoke in his home dimension.
16. The hippies take off their clothes to skinny-dip in the lake, which disturbs Dax. Why was he disturbed?
17. Dax's attitude toward hunting is best described which of the following ways?
18. There is some drug use in Dax's storyline. Which option describes his relationship with and attitude toward marijuana?
19. Dax is obviously a non-human creature, which has some advantages and some disadvantages. From context clues in Dax's comic, you should be able to tell which of the following advantages Dax possesses; please choose the one that Dax apparently does NOT have.
21. How tall is Weaver?
22. Which statement best describes Weaver's relationship with the Mysterious Man?
23. Which of the following is NOT one of the freedoms Weaver is allowed as a prisoner of the Mysterious Man?
24. Weaver has strange shadowy memories of his family and friends from his dimension.
25. Before Adele reached a "master" level and received her BLACK robe, she had a different robe that signified a moderate prophet level. What color was it?
26. Before Amanda was born, Fred figured his and Meri Lin's baby would favor the mother. Amanda surprised them with her light skin and hair, matching the father and not the mother, but her eyes don't match either parent. Once her eyes had "settled" on a color, what did they turn out to be?
28. How many languages does Adele speak? What are they?
29. Meri Lin's family is from China. What dialect(s) do her parents speak?
30. Consider the following Shioan words used in the comic: Thee-ileo, shilano, Ailashuo, Leisheilo. Even though there's no dictionary of the Shioan language for this comic, what would you suppose the O on the end of all these words signifies?
31. Before and during the flash, Adele discovers important facts about a distant dimension that temporarily attaches itself to the human world. Does anyone in the comic come from there? If so, who? And what is the dimension's name?
32. Why is Adele's world referred to as a "crossroads world"?
33. Which statement about the dimensions is TRUE?
34. Dax seems to prefer meat to vegetables, starches, or sweets.
35. Adele's people consider it dishonorable to eat food that one has prepared by oneself. Choose the option that sums up their rationale:
36. What was Amanda's first solid food?
37. Weaver likes birdseed.
38. What is the best description of why the comic is called Negative One?
39. Besides the obvious tools needed to draw and write Negative One, what else does the creator of the comic consider herself good at?
Which of the following describes how you go about reading the comic?
And . . . how difficult did you think the quiz was?

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